Consignment Inquiry

We at Dog Ear Books strive to support and encourage our local authors and consignors. The below criteria are aimed at providing the best and most profitable experience for both the author/consignor and our store.


Please fill out the form below, look over the terms and requirements, and submit! We'll get back to you on next steps within 7 business days.

Please read all terms and conditions before submitting.

  • Book has been recently published, is professionally bound, has an ISBN, and has the title printed on the spine (we are aware some books are too thin to put the title on the spine). 

  • Author will provide a summary of the book via email (, along with a jpeg (picture) file of the book cover.


  • Consignor has a marketing plan for the book (promotion to sell book) or product.


  • Consignor will publicize availability of the book at Dog Ear Books on author’s website, in social media (if applicable), in media interviews, etc.


  • If placing a product, the product must be publicized by the consignor as being 
available at Dog Ear Books.

  • Consignor will receive 60% of  the retail sale  price; Dog Ear Books retains 40%. Consignment products are not eligible for store discounts.


  • If authors have book signings in the store, there will be an up front fee and author handles all book sales and keeps all proceeds.


  • Dog Ear Books will stock the book/product upon payment of a one-time $20 shelving fee (for up to 4 titles) for an initial term of six months, after which time the sales agreement will be extended or closed based on sales.


  • Following the initial six-month period, sales will be reviewed every 2 months. If no books/products have sold within a six-month period, the consignor may be asked to pick up unsold inventory. Unsold inventory not picked up within 30 days of notification will be donated. The consignor may choose to have books/products shipped, the cost of shipping to be paid by the consignor.


  • Book/product sale payouts are made every six months. Payments will be made every January and July by check and mailed to the address on this form unless the consignor provides a different mailing address or makes arrangements to pick up.

Thanks for wanting to have your book in our store!

We'll be in touch soon.