Paxton In The New World

by Stanley Lombardo

Determined to bring horses to fifteenth-century America, Paxton enlists hard-drinking, one-eyed Sir Ralph Oldcastle to captain his flagship, the H. M. S. Constitution.  Establishing friendly relations with the Native Americans is just the beginning of the adventures as Paxon trains the Timucua Indians in horsemanship and guerrilla tactics, to prepare them to combat the invading Spaniards.  Having trained the Flame Wolf warriors, Paxton and his companions sail south to establish a coffee plantation in Haiti – but when a hurricane blows Old Ironsides off course, the voyagers find themselves becalmed in a region where Time and Tide play tricks on unwary seafarers.

Emerging a century later, Paxton and his friends return to Florida, where they learn that the buffalo hunter has become legendary, while Father Tranquillus is now revered as “Saint” Tranquillus.  Further, they discover that an allied French and Spanish army is en route to exterminate the Timucuas.  With his nineteenth-century weapons and knowledge of historic military tactics, Paxton prepares the Timucuas for a climactic battle that will change the course of history.