Frequently asked questions

How do I become a member of Dog Ear Books?

This one's easy! You simply come by our store and say "I want to become a member!" Then we just get some easy, non-invasive information and you're all done!

What does a membership entail?

There are a few reasons why being a member is a good choice. 1) You are automatically enrolled in our frequent buyer program. So, for every $100 in books you spend, you get a $5 credit! 2) You can special order books if we don't have them in stock. 3) You can trade in books you're done with for in-store credit. A lot of people ask us how we figure this, and it basically comes down to you getting a percentage of what we think we'll be able to sell it for. *discounts don't apply on used books, local books, or food items.

Do you accept books for trade-in?

We certainly do! We ask that people only bring in 10-15 at a time so we can process them during your same visit. Books we won't take: NO textbooks NO gift books NO old library books NO books in poor condition (i.e. damaged, chewed, ripped, water/smoke damaged, etc) Other exclusions may apply at management's discretion

If I want to perform at your store, how might I go about that?

Simply shoot us an email at or send us a message right here on our site! We'll get some more information from you and see if we can get you booked!

I don't get your name. Explain.

Dog Ear Books is often mistaken for a used book store. It's understandable. When a book has been dog eared, it typically means it's been read a time or two. But we're pulling more from the essence of why you dog ear a book. It's your way of marking a place you'd like to return to- and that's what we want to be for the community. But we do carry some used books, we just mainly carry new ones.