Chapter 5: Plot Twist

As the great Roderick Stewart asked all those years ago, "Have we told you lately that we love you?" Because we do. Our community has been truly amazing and has made us feel so at home during these past 4 years that there is no other way to thank you than to just tell you that we love you. Because we do. We literally would not be here without you. So, we wanted to tell you something that has been on our hearts and minds throughout the past few months.

It's no secret that COVID-19 hit us hard, and while the community has helped hold us up and has shown us such kindness and continued support it's no shock to say that our sales are, well, down. This is not an uncommon statement for any small business in this strange time, but it's one that we know we shouldn't avoid talking about. We are here for the community, so we need to be honest with the community. With bookstores already operating on such small margins, any decline in sales isn't great news. Now with the end of our 4th year upon us, we knew we needed to do some rethinking and soul searching as we enter year 5.

There are so many memories that we've made in this beautiful space, right on Main Street, in the heart of our Downtown. It was exactly what we needed to introduce our business to our community. We had no idea what we were doing when we started, and have learned so much along the way, but the beautiful facade and gorgous space was one of the things we knew we'd done right. It just felt... right. With so many community events and packed art walks it was exactly what we needed.

As is no surprise, the pandemic has changed so much of our routines and way of operating that a whole new business approach seemed the best way to go. After much evaluating and late night contemplations we have decided to kick off our 5th year in a new setting. Come 2021 we will be relocating to a smaller location, still in downtown, in order to continue serving the communities needs, while making sure we can sustain ourselves as your hometown bookstore. We know this is a bit of a shock to some, and we know it may hurt the hearts of so many of our regulars who have basically become part of our family. Trust us, it hurts our hearts, too. But what has eased some of that pain is knowing that we're moving to what will be a beautiful new location with a space for the bookstore and a connecting space for the coffee shop where we will have areas for events and working/studying.

Chapter 5 is going to be a wild ride, but just as when we first opened on Main Street- this, too, just feels right. We are beyond excited for this next chapter and hope you'll hop on board with us so we can experience it together.

We will be sharing more updates as this progresses so keep an eye out!

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