We're Ready To Open This Book(store).

Okay. If you're keeping track, we closed down on December 24th for Christmas Eve thru whenever. That "whenever" has finally arrived. Since Dec 24th, you have all had to live in a Dog Ear-less world. It was a sad world. It was a weird world. But we're finally ready to jump back into your world and give you all the books your hearts (and hands) can handle.

"WHERE DID THEY GO?!", we hear people exclaim as they drive down Main Street. "We're over here!", we yell as you pass. Yes. Right across the street. If you walk up to the old locations doors then turn 90º to the left, you'll see us. 110 N Commerce Ave. If you go eat at Old Bank Sports Grill you're probably gonna walk right past us now. There were a lot of reasons for this change, but the main one is that we want to be the best bookstore for our community. We are here to be your hometown bookstore and in order to do that to the best of our ability- a move was inevitable.

We are now wall-to-wall with books, books, and more books. There are still bookish goodies and all, but our focus is all on the written word. We've re-evaluated our selection and are better curating it to what you, the people, want. If we don't have it, as usual, we can order it. There will even be a new way to get the special orders to you!

Soft opening commences Wednesday, January 27th at 10:00am. We hope to see you there.

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