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Eli Cranor is a Russellville native and nationally published author.

His upcoming debut novel, Don't Know Tough, will be released March 8th 2022. Pre-order it now and be one of the first to get your hands on it!


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what are people saying?

“"Eli Cranor knows the underbelly of Friday night lights in this stunning debut that bleeds authenticity and raw emotion."”

- Ace Atkins
New York Times bestselling author of The Fallen and The Sinners

“Don't Know Tough really packs a punch. I enjoyed reading between the lines, dreading the trouble Billy was bringing on himself and his fragile life-chances. At the heart of the book is the pull of loyalties—the football team, the family and religion. The characters involved in all the stresses and strains are well drawn and convincing. It’s tough reading, but the humanity shines through.”

- Peter Lovesey,

author of the Peter Diamond mysteries, in his adjudication of the

Peter Lovesey First Crime Novel Contest