What is this Chapter Chats you speak of?

You may have seen us post about our new book review video series, Chapter Chats with D&D. Basically, when the pandemic hit we realized we needed to switch up quite a few aspects of our operations in order to keep in contact with our customers and to find new and fun ways to talk about books!

Each week Denise and David dive into a book and give us a rundown of what it's like, tell us how many Deb Heads they rate it, then ask you to back us on Patreon for the full review. This may be the part where you say "the what what for the full review?!" Let us explain. Patreon is a platform that allows us to create content- be it book reviews, behind-the-scenes, exclusive news and items, and whatever else we can dream up. Then, this is where you come in, you can pick which tier you'd like to back (from $3 to $50) and then you get all the goodies that go with that tier!

It's a great way to continue supporting us AND for you to get cool stuff. So, definitely a win/win if we ever saw one!

So, check out our Patreon to get the full chats!!

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